High performance for the street and the playing field

In the beginning was a little shoe-last factory in the shoemaking capital of Pirmasens, a love of sports and the passion to make what was, better.

Today, framas is your global, reliable partner in the development and manufacture of high-performance components for the sports, functional and fashion shoes of tomorrow.

And we think even further than that. Thanks to our continuous development work, biomechanically demanding injection molding components from framas can now be found in the fields of medical and orthopedic technology. High-precision injection molding components for the

electronics and automotive industries round off the framas product range.

A leading systems supplier, we are an expert provider of solutions and innovative ideas for our customers all around the world. That's how we make the difference.

You can depend on our know-how. With leading-edge technology and our team of highly motivated and trained staff, we are at your service wherever in the world you design and produce shoes - just another aspect that helps us give our customers the decisive plus in terms of cost effectiveness, quality and efficiency.

The passion to always be a step ahead of the competition is something we have in common with our customers.

Vision & values

Our goal: Lasting success

This family business from Pirmasens has developed into a global company group since its foundation in 1948, and in planning the future, we base our efforts firmly on the principles of the company's founder Franz Martz:

Sustainability, long-term vision and mutual trust.

With this driving us, we want to continue to be the most important strategic partner for our large and small customers in the future, as the world's leading maker of high-performance functional components.

As an innovator, we do our best to create products that inspire with outstanding function and quality. To do so, we are continuously expanding our know-how in technical injection molding and transferring what we have learned to the shoe sector.

Mutual appreciation and respect have always been among the ground stones of our corporate culture. We promote and support the expertise and creativity of our staff. Vitality, passion and team spirit make us innovative, strong and responsible.

In all of our activities we focus on organic growth that is of benefit to the company and society as a whole.

Our journey shows that lasting success comes from within.


Andreas Wolf

CEO framas Group

Responsibilities: As Chief Executive Officer, Andreas Wolf spearheads the more than 2,500 employees who are the driving force behind framas' success. He is responsible for the strategic orientation and the investor relations of framas Group. The Marketing division is also under his direct leadership.

Personal framas history:
Technical Assistant in charge of the Korea region
1991 Assistant to the GD of framas Germany
1994 GD framas Korea
1997 GD framas Germany
1998 GD framas Hong Kong Ltd.
2006 CEO framas Group

Martin Jachmann

COO framas Group

Responsibilities: Martin Jachmann started his career in framas in 1996 and has been very successful in various management positions in framas group. As an avid innovator, Martin led the development of a new generation of football boots in our group. As the Chief Operating Officer der framas Group he is in charge for the Technology, R&D, Quality Management-Units and Procurement.

Personal framas history:
1996 Production & PPIC framas Indonesia
2006 Development Manager framas China 
2011 Technical Director framas Indonesia
2013 GD framas Indonesia
2016 Director Operations framas Group
2018 COO framas Group

Patrick Jann

CFO framas Group

Responsibilities: Patrick Jann joined framas already in 2008 and has successfully held the position of Director Finance framas Group. He is responsible for the Finance, Controlling, Legal, HR- and IT-Units.

Personal framas history:
2008 Director Finance framas Group
2011 GD Frantz Martz & Söhne Private Treuhand GmbH
2018 CFO framas Group

Founded on perfection and passion

Dr. Lasts - that is the title of honor that the Pirmasens shoe manufacturers awarded the founding father of framas, Franz Martz, who worked incessantly in his workshop at improving shoe lasts.

It was this outstanding reputation that brought the young Adi Dassler to Pirmasens. He came to Germany's shoe capital in 1932, to learn the secrets of the handicraft from Franz Martz. The sporting shoe pioneer from Herzogenaurach had already made his first running shoes with spikes at the time, and built up his own company together with his brother Rudolf. But he knew: you can only make a perfect shoe with a perfect last, and that was a part of the manufacturing process he didn't yet master.

Adi Dassler acquired that know-how in Franz Martz's last workshop. This encounter was to be the start of a fruitful collaboration, because both men shared a mutual obsession - their devotion to creating the very best, without compromise. And what is more, Adi Dassler was also to find his personal fortune in his teacher's house: the vivacious daughter of the last doctor was to become the love of his life.


Start into a promising future

Once upon a time in Pirmasens

While Adi Dassler pursues his passion and writes sporting history, the company founder's sons enter the company in Pirmasens. Franz Martz & Sons - framas - is born. The family company quickly becomes the shoe-capital's leading last-maker, and much more besides. Already, the world's top sporting shoe manufacturers put their faith in our know-how, and make shoes for world and Olympic champions using framas lasts.


Competitive edge with plastics technology

framas brings new technology in the world of shoes industry

framas is the first manufacturer to focus on a large scale on making top-quality plastic components for the sports shoe industry. In close collaboration with the biggest sports shoe makers, we start this exciting development. The new technology and our constant quest for improvements make innovations possible that will change the world of sports forever.


Going global for lasting success

Beginning of the development in Asia

With sports shoe manufacturing moving from Europe to Asia in the late 80s, we move with it, in order to be able to support our customers around the world with reliable know-how and the latest technology. Our first branch in Asia is framas Korea Ltd., in Asan, South Korea. This is a decisive foundation for future growth and the outstanding development of framas Group.

First independent mold making facilities in Asia

Our second Asian venue is founded in Jakarta, Indonesia: P.T. framas Plastic Technology. This is also the year in which the framas Korea R&D Center is set up in Busan, South Korea, to expand our development capacities and offer our customers an independent development center. The first independent mold making facility of framas Group is also integrated here.

framas accompany the rise of Chinese economy

In order to account for the strong growth on the Chinese market and the expansion of capacities in the sports shoe industry in China, we found our first venue there: framas China Ltd. in Dong Guan. framas also opens an administrative office in Hong Kong: framas Hong Kong Ltd.


Expansion throughout Asia and technical capabilities

Opening of a factory in Vietnam

framas Vietnam Ltd. is founded in Saigon. In doing so, framas once again proves that we are able to react flexibly to the demands of the dynamic sports shoe market, and our ability to be a global partner.

Solidification of the expansion in China

framas founds its second branch in China: framas Fuzhou Ltd., in Fuzhou, to keep abreast of the continued expansion of the sports shoe industry in China.

Development in Vietnam

framas opens its development center in Vietnam, in order to be able to offer the entire competence and know-how of framas Group here too. We also relocate both Chinese venues Fuzhou and Dong Guan to new production sites.

Indonesia sets up its own mold making facility

framas Indonesia sets up its own mold making facility. The second framas factory in Vietnam is also opened. framas Korea Vina Ltd. in Ho-Chi-Minh City provides important support for our production in Korea.

framas China Ltd. is also founded in Hong Kong, and it is responsible for the administration of the Chinese venues, along with framas Hong Kong Ltd.. An independent office is opened in Hong Kong for both companies.

Completion of build-up of mold making capacities in Asia

Acquisition and integration of a mold making facility at framas' Chinese venue Dong Guan. This decision marks the completion of our build-up of mold making capacities in our Asian subsidiaries. It is a key milestone in our strategic orientation as the world's leading system provider of high-performance components for the shoe industry.


Introduction of new technologies

Restructuration of Pirmasens headquarter

Remodelling of the company headquarter in Pirmasens, to create a basis for the new technologies, and better support the Group's rapid growth. The R&D Center in Korea Busan is also modified, with new technologies being added.

Cutting-edge 3D technology

With the integration of another mold making facility in Vietnam, framas further pursues its strategy of always being able to offer our customers quality and confidential molds at every venue. This is also the year that we register our marketing and development office in the USA: framas USA Inc.. We also extensively modernize the shoe last activities in Germany, with cutting-edge 3D technology.


New horizons in an ever-changing marketplace

Modernization in Pirmasens

Another milestone in the framas journey is the construction of our modern development center in Pirmasens and redesigning of the Shoe Last unit, preparing the ground for the future.

Expansion of field of activities

With the foundation of framas Hanoi Ltd. in Vietnam, framas opens up new fields of business in technical injection molding for the electronics and automotive industries. This broadens framas Group's product base and brings important technologies into the company.

This step also provides major impulses for our shoe component segment, with new processes, precision and automation.