Perfection in every component

Passion, know-how and technology

With these three ingredients, we quickly and expertly turn your ideas into successful products.

framas offers you the innovativeness and reliability of the world's leading system provider for high-performance shoe components - from the first sketch, all the way through to production.

We manufacture in top quality and have offices all around the world - wherever you are active. With our own development centers, high-end mold making facilities and the latest injection molding plants at each manufacturing venue, we offer our customers the highest level of quality, flexibility and cost efficiency - sustainably and responsibly.

framas development – always a step ahead

Flexibility and speed are essential in the sports and fashion shoe industries, in order to be able to adjust to the constantly changing market.

That is why we have modern development centers at each of our production venues.

framas is your expert partner, right from the word go.

On request, we assist our customers in finding ideas, and accompany them from the first design to choosing the best materials and production process.

Whether developing new, highly innovative solutions or further developing proven components - we find ways to achieve what was believed to be impossible. We keep the process short, from the idea to series production.

The know-how of our specialists from the Product Development, Materials Research, Design and Production units is closely intermeshed in the framas development centers. The flat hierarchies and team spirit that we foster at framas enable a maximum of constructive feedback, which is important for any innovation process.

Our internal last development process and the modern technology we employ, exhausting all the possibilities of digital modelling and rapid prototyping, also guarantee a highly efficient work process. Thanks to integrated mold making, our own testing labs and model production on the latest multi-component injection molding machines, we optimize the production process from the very start.

This helps us develop products with extreme cost efficiency, and reliably take your ideas and make them a success.

About our development centers

  • Highly efficient development (strategic and in-line) at all venues, with qualified experts, designers and engineers
  • Design suggestions and own concepts
  • Use of the latest development software and all customary3D formats
  • 3D data creation
  • 3D modelling
  • 3D printing
  • Grading across entire size ranges Cost and expertise advantage thanks to: Own last modelling Own materials research Own testing labs In-house mold making In-house model production

framas materials research

The choice of the best material for a given purpose is decisive for the functionality and quality of components. framas has a particularly large base of experience in this field, which gives our customers a clear advantage in terms of innovativeness, design freedom and cost.

Our materials specialists develop our own material compounds together with reputed plastics manufacturers, and we drive our research for new materials forward. In close cooperation with universities, our chemists and engineers find ground-breaking solutions and optimize them for the specific needs of high-performance-component production.

For example, we set new standards in the shoe industry by using compounds reinforced with glass fiber and carbon fiber, and we repeatedly open up new worlds of options for our customers, with innovative materials.

framas Mold making

Organic forms, empty spaces, innovative material combinations - modern shoe components are a challenge for injection molding production. framas also has a know-how lead in this field, and we accept no compromises when it comes to precision. That is why we have our own mold making centers at all of our production venues, with leading-edge machine parks integrated into them.

You can depend on the many years of experience of our experts. Our perfectly coordinated teams of designers, 3D cutters and mold makers know how to efficiently realize even the most complex structures.

That saves valuable time, cuts costs and ensures that everything runs smoothly in the subsequent production process.

About our mold making

  • Mold making centers at all framas venues around the globe Expertly trained specialists at all of our worldwide venues
  • Leading machine technology
  • 3 - 5 axis cutting technology with the latest standards
  • High-speed cutting
  • Wire cutting / EDMing eroding technology
  • 3D digitalisers
  • Reverse engineering
  • Prototype production

framas component manufacturing

We always seek the best possible solution; not only when designing innovative shoe components, but also in the subsequent production process. Our machine fleet is state-of-the-art at all of our production sites in Germany, China, Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam. And we continue to develop our manufacturing processes with leading machine builders. This helps us achieve results that are always ahead of the market.

framas has tuned its entire production process to the special needs of the sports, active and fashion shoe industry. This means we offer our customers a clear benefit in terms of innovation, quality and cost efficiency.

With our multi-component and sandwich injection molding machines, ground-breaking material combinations are possible. 

The use of the latest multi-color technology and the possibility to overmold textiles opens up a world of new design options. Small batches and less technically demanding components can also be produced at all of our venues.

Our outstanding know-how in the manufacturing of high-performance functional components makes framas very attractive for other industries as well. For example, well-known makers of orthopedic products rely on our expertise when manufacturing biomechanically highly functional injection molded components.

What drives us? Being a leading technological player - for the success of our customers.

About plastics technology

  • Production management by highly qualified specialists and engineers at all of our venues worldwide
  • Machine fleet from 8 to 450 tons
  • Multi-color technology
  • 2-color sliding table technology
  • 2-color rotation injection molding
  • 3-colour technology
  • Overmolding of textiles
  • Inlay technology
  • Spaying with varying thickness in one cycle
  • Thin-walled injection molding
  • Sandwich injection molding
  • Laser welding
  • SPC - statistical process control
  • State-of-the-art drying facilities
  • ISO 9000 & 14000
  • Production according to FDA requirements
  • Lean production: framas Production System "FPS"

For us, quality is more than just a promise

We live quality at framas. And that for more than 60 years now. Ever since the company's inception, we have always worked with the aim of surpassing our customers' expectations, while remaining commercially viable. That is only possible with a perfectly coordinated team of outstandingly trained staff who are aware of the responsibility they bear. And of course with the cutting-edge technology that we systematically control our production processes with.

We have excellently equipped testing laboratories integrated into each of our venues. This means we can examine all the components we develop and produce, discreetly and without delays.

The framas quality management system, which is applied across all our venues, also ensures that all legal standards are upheld for our customers, and that we can reliably meet even the tightest of deadlines and budgets.

Equipment in the testing labs

We can conduct thickness, abrasion and hardness measurements, UV tests, migration tests, tensile strength, elongation-at-break, e-modulus, 3-point bending, compression, hysteresis and aging tests, and many others besides.

framas sustainability

We set new standards when developing individually customized solutions for our customers - also with regard to sustainability. This begins in the product development phase, where we focus on using renewable raw materials. Recycling shares in the material mix also help save valuable resources - 

all subject to the premise of top quality, of course. Because only products that meet the strict criteria in our testing labs are greenlighted for use. We also want to reduce negative influences on the environment in our production processes. 

We optimize the processes to minimize pollution at the source. In this way we make an important contribution to sustainability at all our venues. 

Find out more about framas CSR action:

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