We go to our limits,
so that you can go beyond yours

Perfection on the move

Today more than ever, the maximization of power and dynamism on the playing field is achieved with modern shoe components. Here, framas provides customized solutions of the highest quality.

Functional injection molded components from framas set new trends in the football stadium, on alpine cross-country tracks and on the catwalks of Milan, New York and Berlin.

To make sure your vision of the perfect shoe becomes a success, we invest a lot of energy into developing highly innovative details. Our decades of experience in making high-performance components for top-level sports go into every product we make.

Whatever demands you place on the design and functionality of soles, shock absorption elements, heel counters and other functional shoe components, we find the best solution for every application and produce it using the latest technology.

And this, of course, always with the goal of enabling the greatest possible freedoms in design. We offer our customers the maximum of possibilities when it comes to shape and color.

framas makes the difference. You can depend on our decades of experience.

framas Shoe components

The sole – the shoe's foundation

framas soles set the standards in terms of performance, functionality and quality.

framas delivers pioneering sole concepts for tomorrow's football shoe, the perfect shock absorption for the comfortable running shoe, innovative spike systems for track and field... the entire world of sports is at home at framas.

framas soles for heavy-duty uses in active and working shoes offer perfectly coordinated characteristics.

And our soles set trends in the fashion world as well.

Heel elements and counters

The perfect fit and stability of a shoe depend largely on how the heel zone is structured. Here too, framas can provide the decisive edge thanks to its many years of experience. Our heel elements give the foot that extra support, protecting it from injury. For heel counters we develop our very own material compounds, and we are continually working to improve the weight, comfort and price of the components. 


Thanks to their precision, insoles by framas improve a shoe's running characteristics. Here again, selected plastics are used to optimize the wearing comfort and workmanship.

Find out more about framas shoe components:

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The lasts – the soul of the shoe

framas has stood for top quality in the development and manufacture of shoe lasts for more than 60 years. Then as now, the modeling of the original model in wood has always been the definitive basis for the later fit of sports and fashion shoes. But despite our respect for tradition, we have always had our eyes firmly fixed on the future, and we offer our customers the highest level of innovativeness with the use of leading-edge development technology and high-end last manufacturing.

Model lasts – handicraft meets high-tech

A perfect shoe can only be made with a perfect last. So our experienced modelers make our wooden lasts by hand, with a high level of creativity and manual skill. This way, we attain a precision and proportion that no 3D program can yet achieve.

The models are then prepared for the digital world using modern 3D scanners. This gives your designers and the framas product development team the critical building block for a highly efficient design process, right from the very first idea.

Production lasts

framas supplies lasts for shoe manufacturing that set new standards in terms of durability and fit. In our production process, we use the latest CNC machines that guarantee precision across the entire size range. With our know-how in plastics, we make lasts that are particularly hard-wearing, and that although our production process is extremely resource-friendly, with production residues going right back into the manufacture of new blanks.

Der framas Schuhleisten von der Planung bis zur Produktion:

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framas components in orthopedic technology

The same things that help sportspeople improve their performance also assist you in preventing and recovering from injuries. framas components made of high-performance materials have found a fascinating field of application in modern orthopedic technology. 

We know the special demands that arise from your natural movements. So our customers can also count on us when developing and manufacturing biomechanically highly demanding components.

Injection molding competence for electronics and automotive engineering

We also offer precision plastics for our customers from the electronics and automotive industries. The technical injection molding field is a valuable addition to the framas product range. When realizing individually tailored solutions, our customers profit from our broad expertise in the production of highly complex plastic components.

The close collaboration between our specialists from Product Development, our own internal Mold Making unit and Production ensure the rapid progress of an idea through to series production - in top quality and cost efficiency.